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Botox injections can improve and relax frown lines.

Millions of patients undergo botox cosmetic treatments every year to minimize facial wrinkles and achieve a more youthful appearance.  The most common areas treated with botox is the upper face: forehead, glabella (between eyebrows) and crows feet (wrinkles on the sides of eyes).  Some areas in the lower face can also be treated with botox, such as some wrinkles around the mouth, chin, and masseter muscles.  Both men and women undergo botox injections if they desire facial rejuvenation.  Every patient receives a customized treatment that leads to personalized, youthful, and natural-looking results.

Recovery timeline after Botox injections

immediate: there should not be any bruising or swelling.  You can go back to your normal activity right away.  Refrain from laying down on your face over the next two days, and some suggest not going to the gym or sauna because the botox might absorb faster.

4 days: you will start noticing the effects of botox settling in.

2 week: this is when the maximum effect of botox sets in.  Some wrinkles will smooth out at this time, and some might take a little longer.  If you have very deep wrinkles, they might not go away completely, but their appearance will be improved.

4-6 months: at this time the botox begins to wear off.  Sometimes it lasts longer, depending on your metabolism and how much botox was injected.  It is recommended to repeat injections at this time so the wrinkles do not return.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will botox make my skin sag?

No, botox does not make the skin sag. It relaxes the muscles, and after about half a year it wears off and everything goes back to the way it was. Botox has no permanent effects on your tissues.

How much botox will I need?

That depends on how much movement you want to have on your forehead after treatment, and how big your muscles are. There are three areas on the forehead to treat. The forehead itself usually takes about 20 units. The glabella area (between eyebrows) is about 20-25 units. And crows feet are about 3-6 units.

At what age can or should I start getting botox?

Usually about late 20s early 30s the wrinkles on the forehead begin to appear. If you start early you can prevent the wrinkles from appearing.

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